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Rescue FROM and Rescue WITHIN

What about parents that choose to keep their children in public schools, or feel they must? Does CEE still work to protect public school children? In explaining our new Rescue 2010 program, perhaps we've forgotten to adequately answer these questions. CEE hasn't changed gears, we've added a gear! Where to send a child to school is a difficult, involved decision that each parent must make--for that child, for that year, under the given set of circumstances, after much personal prayer. We recognize that is YOUR decision, and we will support you and offer assistance for whatever choice you make.

Any discussion contrasting Christian, home and public schools, like the new Rescue 2010 program, is bound to be controversial! In fact, any one of these topical areas can stir heated emotions and debate.

There is no one way that is right for everyone--so many personal circumstances come into play. The key is for each family to make a decision it feels comfortable with, and have the support needed to carry it through. Keep in mind that these decisions are never final--parents can re-evaluate, every year, what is best for each child. The parents' circumstances may change, the child's behavior may change, the school itself may change--and we must remain flexible to always pursue the best path, the path on which God leads us.

CEE's new EDUCATION DECISION DAY program equips churches with all the materials they need to put on a one-day event to help parents in this very task. The intention of Education Decision Day is to provide a non-threatening environment where factual information is presented to help parents make a difficult choice about their child's future. It is a time for support and encouragement, not pressure. When presented objectively and truthfully with solid information, parents can easily determine the best course for their family.

Does CEE take a particular position? No. We have presented the facts, positive and negative, for each schooling option. Each church custom-designs its Education Decision Day to fit its own philosophy and preferences--Rescue 2010 can be presented or not. The Choosing Your Child's Future parents workbook is designed to present objective facts on all three schooling options and provide the information needed for each family to make its own decision.

Certainly, there are many negatives about public schools these days, and that is regrettable but irrefutably supported by statistics. That is why our Rescue 2010 program has two strands: rescue from the public schools and rescue within the public schools.

Certainly, the facts show that public schools have declining academics, promote secular values and are riddled with immorality among the students and many are even physically unsafe. We wish every parent could rescue their children from these negative surroundings and place them in a nurturing environment where their beliefs will be strengthened, where they will be morally accountable, and mentally challenged. That's a rescue from the public schools.

We are realists and we recognize that not every parent is able to rescue their child from the public schools, due to personal circumstances, finances, availability of alternatives, etc. And, in fact, many simply do not want to. Despite the facts, they believe their own local school is a good one, their child has Christian teachers, and so on--and in some cases, this may be true. Some parents want the variety of athletic and artistic opportunities available in the public schools, or truly believe it is best for their child to be salt and light among their secular peers. Certainly there are some fantastic Christian kids in public schools, and parents must make this decision based upon their own knowledge of their children, their own schools, and God's leading.

So for those who don't want to be rescued, or believe rescue is impossible from the public schools, CEE has a second strand--that is, rescue within the public schools. If by choice or necessity, Christian children are left in the public schools, we believe in equipping parents with the information and support they need to make the best of that (what we think is less than ideal) situation. Parents need to be alert to dangers, take precautions to prevent backsliding and train their children in the Lord, and with supplemental academic materials, at home. They need the support of other public school parents (i.e. through Public School Awareness committees in the church). CEE provides all of these materials and services. Think of it like this:

When someone is stranded on a deserted island, with no supplies, you ideally would like to rescue them from the island. The best answer is to take them off the island and back to civilization, by boat or helicopter. But sometimes that's just not possible, so you do the next best thing--you drop food, water and supplies--you rescue them on the island.

That's CEE's position. Education Decision Day is designed for total flexibility so that your church can either agree or disagree with our position and take any unbiased or biased viewpoint that conforms to its own education philosophy. See the enclosed flyer for more information and to order your own Education Decision Day Planning Package for your church.

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