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rescue2010_two.gif (2859 bytes)February, 1998

Please read this entire letter -- it is very important and presents a significant change in our approach.

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Dear Christian Parents, Grandparents, and All Who Follow Jesus,

With King David, my prayer is: "Lord, lead me as you promised you would; otherwise my enemies will conquer me. Tell me clearly what to do, which way to turn" (Psalms 5:8, L.B.). This is my prayer for 1998.

I believe this year will be a major turning point for American education and especially for the beautiful Christian children we must save from any teaching that would destroy their faith in the living God we serve and worship.

Our Lord has told us clearly, "Be strong and courageous, fearless and enthusiastic!" (I. Chronicles 22:13, L.B.).

We are facing a new reality! God has given CEE incredible victories in our efforts to save our Christian children in public schools -- and thereby guiding CEE to save America's public school children from atheism, homosexuality, the occult, drugs, children having children, abortion, brainwashing and crippling psychology.

Yet, with all the positive changes we've seen because of each of you, that together we have accomplished for God, the system of public education has refused to bend. The frightened and woeful cries of godly parents have been, and still are, ignored.

Deception in our schools is the rule, not sincerity; arrogance, not cooperation. Therefore, after 15 years of sincere efforts to gain parental rights, a "safe-passage" curriculum for our dear innocent children, the Lord has counseled me, and an impressive array of those associated in ministry have confirmed God's leading, that CHRISTIANS MUST EXIT THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS as soon as it is feasible and possible. The price in human loss, social depravity and the spiritual slaughter of our young Christian children is no longer acceptable (and certainly never was!). We have tried hard to find common ground and will continue. School leaders have used this for a stalling tactic, rather than an open dialogue for solutions. That's understandable, but just more of the same deceit tactics.

Our schools have never truly taken Christians seriously. They have nationally decried Christians as a "small minority," not worthy of a voice. That was and is a very big mistake. The census and numerous polling research show that out of about 250,000,000 Americans, 193,000,000 (48,250,000 families) claim to be Christians. Based upon this statistical data base, that means that about 24,125,000 Christian children are in school; of which 20,000,000 are attending public schools (about 4-5 million are in private, Christian or home schools). Since total public school enrollment is now officially at 52.2 million (K-12 students) according to the U.S. Department of Education, Christian children comprise almost 40% of our public school attendance. No sane person would read that as a "small minority."

Since 90% of all Christian church children still attend public schools, it is a massive job to get Christians to transfer their darling children to Christian or home schools, but it can be done. It must be done, thoughtfully and gradually, but as soon as possible. That does not mean that Christians should work less hard to reform our public schools and protect all America's children from the current harm being done. On the contrary, we must work even harder than ever before! Our children are still there!

As the Christian influence exits our public schools (both students and teachers), the liberal establishment will get to see first hand the massive problems that will run completely out of control without Christian influence.

Some brief reasons for "RESCUE 2010" are:

  1. First and probably foremost is that many otherwise good teachers and certainly almost all our curriculum bases the instruction unit on a humanist world view, with all its anti-Christian worldly values, which is the current ideology in education. This is done very subtly and constantly undermines and contradicts a child's Biblical, godly belief and value (right vs. wrong) base for thinking. It wears on a child's mind until faith in God and Biblical principles simply breaks down and becomes extinct. Satan has then won! That's happening every day. The Christian plea goes unheard. The children are being lost.
  2. Evolution and the origins of man and the universe are taught as scientific fact, i.e.; "Humanists (evolutionists) regard the universe as self-existing and not created" (Humanist Manifesto I, Principle #1). The world exists by chance. The atheist's (humanist's) manifesto goes on to say "We can discover no purpose or providence for the human species . . . no deity will save us; we must save ourselves." Man's fulfillment, to the atheist, is when he no longer needs the idea of God. Life has no known purpose. Sin is a delusion. Faith in God is openly derided in most science classes.

    The Christian child believes, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1, K.J.V.). The Bible goes on to say, "I have made the earth and created man upon it . . . " (Isaiah 45:12, K.J.V.).

    To a child, God exists. God is the designer and creator of all things (all unbiased scientific facts support the Bible). How strong must a child be to disbelieve his teachers? His faith in God is permanently crippled or it dies with atheistic evolution. The very foundation of a Christian's faith is destroyed, and results in a devaluation of life, which makes abortion, suicide and euthanasia appear more acceptable.
  3. Parents lose control of their child's instruction in the public schools, yet they are clearly held accountable to God for that duty. Most parents have not been instructed in that responsibility by the church. This responsibility is true, no matter where we may choose to send our children.
  4. The academic quality of most all public schools is highly inferior to most private and home schools as evidenced by the standard test scores. It is well known that public school teaching is less complete, more shallow and worst of all, focuses on behavior and feelings instead of academics. Forty percent of all public school teachers send their own children to private schools.
  5. Drug and alcohol use are much more prevalent on most public school campuses. Both are said to be permissible in anti-substance abuse programs, if done in moderation. Young, inexperienced youth with raging hormones do not have that discipline, hence rampant abuse. Their solution: "don't be judgmental, be tolerant." Not good! That thinking could cost your child his/her soul!
  6. Public school teens and even pre-teens face tremendous peer pressure to become sexually active. The schools teach, "just be sure to use condoms and be on the pill." Result: Christian children face a double standard, with heavy peer pressure, many succumb, with tragic pregnancies, babies, lives and careers ruined. Enormous family pain results, often causing divorce.
  7. Parents find they have far less control over their child's friends and peers and the resulting influence on their child's attitude toward sin, homosexuality, the occult, sex and drugs in the public schools.
  8. Public school teachers are taught to be coaches, not teachers. They say children learn best from each other. Children are not taught to struggle, memorize, and learn the difficult disciplines; "just work on what you like best." The number of students in each class is much higher in public schools -- 24-30 to 1 -- instead of 15 to 1 in most Christian schools. Obviously, the quality and efficiency of learning will be higher in private Christian schools and home schools.
  9. Through state and federal assessment testing, students' privacy is openly invaded, exposing them to become targeted for curriculum or psychological "services" that, tragically, are designed and intended to destroy their faith in God and their Christian belief system.
  10. The physical safety of Christian (and all) students is "at great risk" in public schools, as gangs and on campus weapons have become common on public school campuses, even in the smallest of towns.

My 35 years as a teacher/administrator have proven to me just how incredibly important it is to save our Christian children from the philosophy of atheistic humanism and its destructive elimination from heaven, of our church children. The schools may still change and work with us to clean up the deteriorating, crumbling system. It is much like communism -- it is a failing system with leaders shouting its success from the roof tops, even while it self-destructs. It is definitely self-destructing -- and Christians can no longer afford to wait before rescuing their own children. Our children's souls are at stake.

America must not just get vouchers and tax breaks for parents in private schools -- those are good and necessary steps. We must go back to what worked best for America. The only way to do this is to privatize all public education. Secularists, atheists and homosexuals could have their own schools, but they could not force tax- payers to subsidize their schools. Our system would be thoroughly reformed and improved. Double taxation of Christians would cease! The present injustice must stop.

And what about Christian teachers in public schools? They are still very essential. As adults that are strongly rooted in faith, they have a great influence upon all kids, unlike Christian children who most often are too influenced by peer pressure to serve as "missionaries in the snake pit." And, of course, as Christian schools grow, more jobs will open up for Christian teachers who prefer the private sector.

Who is to blame for the public school mess we now have? To our school personnel I would say, "We know you present to our children the best education you possibly can. However, because our schools are state schools you can never teach our children that there is a creator God; or that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind; or that sin destroys lives -- not fulfills lives; or that the Bible is God's Word and guide to all mankind -- not just another famous book; or that all mankind will be judged by the written Word of God, not by how good we may feel about ourselves."

We do not blame teachers or administrators -- though God knows they could stop the spiritual rape of innocent children, if they saw clearly what is happening. We have demonstrated exceptional compassion and tolerance toward our school friends, as a Christian community. We will still not judge their intentions; neither will we ignore the obvious. We all have a duty. Ours is to protect our children.

I must add that my comments are generally true of the vast majority of public schools. We do realize there are small refuges of abnormal public schools - like "fundamental" alternative schools, and a few led almost entirely by Christians. Parents who have these opportunities are very fortunate, but part of a tiny minority.

What will CEE parents and chapters do? We will continue what we are doing: seeking "common ground" on controversial issues; seeking "safe-passage" of all K-12 children throughout the system unharmed spiritually and morally or academically stunted; organize Christians in every school district to become involved in their local schools, to oversee and insure the above objectives.

All this will be done with a spirit of reconciliation (II Cor. 5:18, N.K.J.). Christians are peacemakers always, whenever possible (Mt. 5:9, K.J.V.). Christians are urged to practice the Golden Rule (Luke 6:31, L.B.): "Treat others as you want them to treat you." Love always overcomes ill will.

We urge all Christian organizations and all churches to join in saving our Christian children. For those families who cannot or otherwise do not remove their children in favor of Christian schools or home-schooling, please begin a systematic teaching of your own children, in matters of faith and academics.

We pray you will mark your card with your vote YES or NO -- whether you agree with adding this national movement to CEE's current ministry. We must know from each of you who have prayed for us and supported CEE for so long. Your opinion will guide us. PLEASE send your card in with your enclosed, addressed return envelope. You vote COUNTS. Your support will make it possible.

It will cost plenty. It is an added ministry of enormous consequences, requiring denominational involvement, as well as all churches. There are 235,000 churches, including 155,000 evangelical churches. Just communications will cost a fortune!

Our current efforts will be greatly expanded. Getting the Bible curriculum in all 30,000 high schools (now in 300); and also our "CHRISTIAN/AMERICAN CULTURE" course in all high schools are priorities. Please PRAY for us, beloved. God seems to be expanding our borders of operation. He will also supply our needs. They have never been greater! Much PRAYER is needed.

I feel like I am driving a huge wheat combine that is reaping a huge field for harvest, but the gas gauge shows almost on empty. The field is ready! We must get the gas to do all of this. God is able; success depends upon whether you agree with me on this outreach to save our 20 million church kids and all our public school children.

RESCUE 2010 is ready to begin! That gives us 12 years to fill our current Christian schools and start a school in every church facility by 2010. If you agree, I will be answering all your questions very soon. Please ask the Lord to guide you in your part in making possible the greatest Christian movement in this century and the next.

I can hardly wait to hear from you! God can do all things for "with God all things are possible." God is giving us all an expanded VISION.

Just as we separate the church from our government; and business from government, we must now separate schools from government!

Your Christian brother, who believes,

Bob Simonds, Th.D.

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