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In addition to newsletters, NACE/CEE has developed and published some of the best, most reliable and effective resources available to help you positively impact your local public schools and protect your own children. Thousands of parents and teachers have used these books to positively impact the children in their school district.

  • Choosing Your Child's Future
    [click here for detailed information]
    Cost:  $9.00

  • Reinventing American Schools: a Practical Guide to Components of Restructuring and Non-Traditional Education - Cost: $7.00 each or set of 3 for $18.00 [Sale: $3.00 each]

    Volume 1: covers outcome-based education, multiculturalism, social services on campus, site/school-based management, and length of school day/year issues.

    Volume 2: unconventional classrooms, whole language, cooperative learning, interdisciplinary/integrated/thematic teaching methods, nongraded/ungraded classrooms, peer counseling, tracking, and reality math.

    Volume 3: holistic education, vocational education, assessment testing, and technology in the classroom

  • A Guide to the Public Schools for Christian Parents, Teachers and Pastors - Cost: $8.00

  • The Public School Awareness Kit for Churches and Local Citizen Groups - Cost: $58.00

  • An Analysis of Goals 2000: Redefining American Education - Cost: $10.00 [Sale: $4.00]

  • How to Elect Christians to Public Office - Cost: $7.00

  • How to Start a Christian Club on Campus - Cost: $5.00 [Sale: $3.00]

  • How to Help Your School Be A Winner: A Manual for Organizing a Local Chapter - Cost: $10.00

  • Choice in Education - Research Report on the Pros and Cons of Choice and Voucher Programs - Cost: $5.00

  • Raising Kids God's Way, by Kathi Hudson - Cost: $14.00 [Sale: $6.00]

You may order now using your VISA or Master Card through our secure web site, or you may call 1-800-969-8003 to use VISA/MC, or mail your order, plus 7.75% sales tax, to CEE, Box 3200, Costa Mesa, CA 92628.

CEE also carries a full line of books by other publishers on education, Christian parenting, children's books, marriage, etc. Feel free to request a catalog on our Information Request Form.

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