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CEE’s weekly informative radio show, hosted by Bob and Geri Boyd, now airs on almost 100 stations nationwide, including California’s top Christian station, KWVE in Southern California. From Seattle to Washington, D.C., you can hear guests like William Bennett, Dr. Milton Friedman, Dave Roever, Randall Terry, Jay Sekulow, Peter Marshall, Ken Ham, David Barton, Dr. Dwayne Gish, congressmen, Dr. Robert Simonds and others. Tune in to a station near you! (For air times or a free demo tape to take in to your Christian radio station to request they air the program, just contact CEE.).

Bob and Geri Boyd, the dynamic hosts of CEE’s "Issues in Education" radio show, are now entering their tenth year of producing this popular, informative, weekly news program. As Directors of Communication for CEE, they have selflessly served the Lord through this ministry in a variety of ways.

Program Log

- 1997 -

Nov. 1 - Standing Firm (side A) - Vietnam Ranger Gary Horton, one of our most requested guests, speaks at public high school assemblies. In this broadcast he tells how he needs the church behind him to continue the mission of using Eph 6:10-18 strategy to take our six inches of ground.

Nov 8 - Freedom Means Responsibility (side B) - Vietnam Vet Alan Clark tells of his sacrifices and how he overcame the problems veterans face. Professor and author Vincent Barry gives some excellent tips on how to be responsible and not opt for excuses.

Nov 15 - Challenging the System (side A) - CEE President Dr. Robert Simonds answers the arguments of the few Christian public school teachers who object to CEE's position. A great examination of the dynamic, ongoing controversy.

Nov 22 - A Thankful Heart (side B) - Marion McKellips (retired pastor) tells the inspiring and touching story of how God provided food on Thanksgiving, through the prayers of his devoted mother... (a real tear jerker). Also, Pastor Peter Marshall, author of the Light and the Glory, tells how the first Thanksgiving that the Pilgrims celebrated with the Indians was a week of celebration and thanks to Almighty God.

Nov 29 - In God We Trust (side A) - A short debate between American Atheist spokesman Robert Sherman and Baptist Pastor (and radio station owner) George Zarris regarding the role of God in the founding of our nation. Also, Timothy Crater, author of the history textbook In God We Trust- 50 stories of faith (biographies of great Americans who were Christians).

Dec 6 - Living Beyond Regrets (side B) - Teacher of the year Guy Doud tells how he overcame the regrets of divorce and how others can overcome the gloom that surrounds many holidays for those who have lost family members... A very encouraging testimony...

Dec 13 - Christmas Heritage (side A) - The secular media has discovered Elizabeth Ridenour and her work in getting the Bible back into public schools. She has written a curriculum for teaching the Bible in public schools and it's become very popular, not only with students but with school districts in many states. Attorney Michael Sharman writes "Victories Newsletter" to encourage Christians. He graphically describes the great sacrifices of General George Washington and his courageous men, who went without adequate food or clothing get defeated the most powerful army in the world. Other guests include Dr. Robert Simonds.

Dec. 20 - An Indescribable Gift (side B) - Christmas is the celebration of God into the world He built. Jesus is both the Giver and the Gift. Former Pastor and radio host Richard Exley has authored a magnificent book describing the Christmas story from a perspective few people think of. Special Christmas song by Sharon Burg.

Dec. 27 - Celebrate 1998 (side A) - Excerpts and bloopers and many humorous cuts from 1997's programming. Guests: Gary Horton, Judge Roy Moore, Ray Moore, Berit Kjos, Jerry Martin, Dr. Robert Simonds, Dr. Bill Dabney, etc.

- 1998 -

Jan. 3 - Original Intent (side B) - The Supreme Court now decides cases on whether or not they personally like the religious and political objectives instead of deciding on the basis of the Constitution. David Barton, president of Wallbuilders, talks about his book of this title and points out the inconsistent rulings of the Supreme Court.

Jan 10 - What's Right For All Americans (side A) - Ezola Foster, an articulate, black, conservative who taught in South Central L.A. for 33 years, talks about her struggles with liberals and the solutions to the educational problem they've created. Author of What's Right For All Americans. (Background music by 15-year-old homeschooled Andy Schanz--an original symphony he wrote and played).

Jan 17 - Converted to Life (side B) - Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who operated the world's largest abortion clinic and helped to legalize it in America by starting NARAL, talks of his conversion to the pro-life point of view.

Jan 24 - Rain Forest Algebra (side A) - Features a mother shocked by her daughter's algebra textbook, a college student with a New Age math teacher, and Dr. Richard Neil, of the Texas State Board of Education, about problematic biology textbooks.

Jan 31 - Let My People Go (side B) - Featuring Marshall Fritz, President of Separation of School and State, on the response to Exodus 2000 (parents leaving the public schools).

Feb 7 - The Whole Language OBE Fraud (side A) - Dr. Sam Blumenfeld, author and whole language opponent explains why students can't read, why our education system is being dumbed down, and why whole language is taught in place of phonics.

Feb 14 - You Gotta Keep Dancin' (side B) - Author Tim Hansel, who fell in a mountain climbing accident and has lived in severe back pain for 24 years, explains how you can choose joy in the midst of suffering.

Feb 21 - The Teacher's Unions (side A) - Author and senior research scholar at Bowling Green University Myron Lieberman, who worked for the American Federation of Teachers, says schools are becoming so liberal because of the powerful teachers' unions. This tape is a must for Christian public school teachers who belong to the unions.

Feb 28 - Devolution-Evolution (side B) - Nuclear scientist Roger Lenard, a member of the New Mexico Board of Education, helped get New Mexico to adopt a standard that wherever evolution is taught information must be presented that shows the other side of evolution, the flaws and disproof of evolution.

Mar 7 - Parents as Educators (side A) - Home-schoolers test scores excel! Dr. Brian Ray discusses his study, the nation's largest, of homeschool achievement.

Mar 14 - Prison to Praise (side B) - A life changing program about the prison of circumstances, fears, and how to be set free to have a life of joy. How to solve unsolveable problems.

Mar 21 - Jesus, Politics and the Church (side A) - How Maine citizens overturned a law that would have given homosexuals special rights. And author Tony Nassif shows through compelling Bible stories why God wants Christians involved in politics.

Mar 28 - Avoiding Educational Meltdown (side B) - Pastor and author Bob Rosio talks about why and how he left a good public school teaching job to start a Christian school.

Apr 4 - The Remnant (side A) - Christian teachers in humanist (government) schools have a huge responsibility. American public schools are one of the most important mission fields in the world. Our guests, Connie and Lew Ricks, are part of a remnant of dedicated Christian public school teachers who love their students and let their light shine. This program is a real encouragement to Christian school teachers.

Apr 11 - Christ Has Risen (side B) - Announcement: THE TOMB IS EMPTY! Christ is risen! This inspirational Easter program celebrates the most glorious event in all of human history--the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. A dramatic presentation with music. Our guest, Dr. Robert Simonds, is President of Citizens for Excellence in Education. If the Resurrection is a fact of history, why isn't it taught at school as a fact?

Apr 18 - Finding Inner Peace (side A) -We love fascinating interviews and this is one of the best! It's about a guy who was involved with the Mafia, murder and prostitution! Our guest Bill Fay, was born into a wealthy family, the Birdseye frozen food family. Bill was chosen by Christ for eternity and his booklet, How to Share Your Faith Without An Argument, has been distributed to over 4 million people.

Apr 25 - The Homeschool Journey (side B) -World-famous Christian singer Michael Card and his wife Susan are homeschooling their four children. They wanted the best education for their children. Many parents don't even consider homeschooling because they don't think it's an option for them. But our guest, police officer Tom Wright, tells why it's vitally important for parents to consider homeschooling.

May 2 - Voluntary School Prayer (side A) -One atheist complains and nine black-robed men vote and 39 million American school children are ordered to stop praying at schools--and America began a steady decline. Our guest, David Barton, President of Wallbuilders, worked with Congressman Ernest Istook to propose a voluntary school prayer amendment to our Constitution to be debated in Congress this month.

May 9 - What's Killing Our Children (side B) -Every day five American children are killed by OTHER CHILDREN. What's killing our children? Sure we can blame the parents and the media, but what about the schools? Our guest, Dr. W. R. Coulson, was one of the men (along with Carl Rogers and Abe Maslow) who removed the teaching of values from the classroom. Dr. Coulson has repented and warns us to return the values based on the Bible to the classrooms to stop the killing.

May 16 - The Case Against the Bible (side A) -When the Supreme Court ruled that public schools could no longer use the Bible, God removed His blessings. Form the Viet Nam War to assassination and race riots, the sixties were a turning point in our nation. On this program you can hear the actual oral argument recorded during the 1963 Supreme Court (Abington vs. Schempp) case. Listen to how poorly the Bible was defended and how fallacious the argument was to remove the Bible from school. America will long feel the consequences of this landmark case, yet how casually it was done.

May 23 - Heroes (side B) -America's children need exciting, inspiring heroes--men and women of integrity because character counts. Memorial Day is meaningless without heroes. Our guests include: John Walker, who flew daylight bombing raids over Nazi Germany and lived to tell about it; Dr. Robert Simonds; and George Roche, President of Hillsdale College and author of The Book of Heroes.

May 30 - A New Destiny (side A) -Jessie Lee Peterson, President of BOND (Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny) worked his way up from plantation worker to successful businessman and radio talk-show host. Jessie tells the keys to success. Dr. Robert Simonds announces Citizens for Excellence in Education's change from simply reforming schools to RESCUING Christian students in Rescue 2010. Dr. Simonds explains why CEE is now calling for Christians to exit the public system and where they will go.

June 6 - Smarter Schools (side B) -For those Christians who say, "We can't leave public schools because we don't have the money for private Christian school nor the time to homeschool." This program is for you. John Westerman explains "smarter schools," a hybrid (a combination) between home school and Christian school that's the answer for millions of working parents who realize public schools no longer work. Also, Preacher Rob is a classic example of how brutal the public system can be to parents. Incredibly, Preacher Rob was arrested (and hauled off the jail) simply for handing out gospel tracts (off school property) and for praying with his son at school.

June 13 - The Lie, Homosexuality (side A) -Mike Trelow tells how his daughter Heather was humiliated by her lesbian teacher in front of the class because she didn't agree with the lie that homosexuality is simply an alternative lifestyle. Jewish psychiatrist Dr. Jeffery Satinover, author of Homo-sexulity and the Politics of Truth, debunks the myths about homosexuality, such as they are born "that way . . ." Also Paul Green of Minnesotans for Family Values.

June 20 - Moral Meltdown (side B) -Brief cut from Sir Winston Churchill's speech mobilizing the British people for Hitler's imminent invasion. Hilmar Von Campe, author of Moral Meltdown, was a German soldier in the Nazi war machine, but was taken captive, then escaped (walked) across seven borders to freedom. He compares America today to Germany before the war and warns us how vital our SALT is in preserving this nation. Hilmar also tells how he became a born-again Christian.

June 27 - name (side A) - description

July 4 - American Independence (side B) -American independence? The United Nations now controls American soil. The sovereignty of America is being given away! Berit Kjos, author of Brave New Schools, says America is losing control over our best national parks and becoming controlled as a UN World Heritage site. Gary Norton, Viet Nam Ranger and high school assembly speaker, gives his impassioned explanation of what the Pledge of Allegiance really means.

July 11 - A Writer's Workshop (side A) -This is our first annual writer's workshop to encourage Christian writers to write and get their work published. Robin Jones Gunn, author of the excellent Christie Miller Series, motivates teens to remain virtuous through godly, Christian role models. Athena Dean (owner of Winepress Publishing) and author of You Can Do It--A Guide to Christian Self Publishing, tells why it's almost impossible for unknown authors to publish their work through large publishing houses, but through "self publishing" they can see their dream become a reality.

July 18 - SEX--What You Don't Know Can Kill You (side B) -This is a classic program to give teens and adults to warn them of the dangers of promiscuity. Dr. Joe Melheney is an OB-GYN and the Director of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, and author of a book by this title. He describes the myths of safe sex and the myriad of new diseases that cause sterility and death. Abstinence is the only "safe" sex.

July 25 - Fading Freedoms (side A) -The most valuable possession of the Church isn't their buildings or budgets but the souls of their children. Congress failed to pass the Religious Freedom Amendment. Where was the outcry? David Barton, president of Wallbuilders and author of Original Intent, meets regularly with Congressmen for Bible study and prayer. This is not the time for Christians to give up. Pastor Garret Lear tells why the Religious Freedom Amendment is so important.

August 1 - Evidence for Creation II (side B) -The National Academy of Sciences wants more evolution taught at school. Yet more students lose their faith over evolution than any other teaching. Roger Oakland knows. His faith was neutralized by evolution to the degree that he became a university biology/evolution teacher convincing others to give up their faith in God. Amazingly God brought Roger Oakland back; he was converted to creationism and became a Bible-believing Christian who now speaks around the world on the evidence for creation.

August 8 - Chasing the Horizon (side A) -FUN! This is our vacation special. Enjoy the adventures of Patrick Kinkade, teacher and author of Chasing the Horizon. Patrick and his famous brother, the artist of light, Thomas Kinkade, took a trip with their 80-year-old dad to Europe. This inspirational program is filled with humor, music and intrigue, with picturesque cottages in Ireland, the pizza with raw egg in Paris, and the memories of their dad at Normandy Beach.

August 15 - Teaching in Tough Times (side B) -There is a crisis in American education! Most teachers, even in rural areas, are experiencing more violence in their classrooms than ever before. Yet Judy Nichols, teacher and author of Teaching in Tough Times--Encouragement for Today's Teacher wants to encourage teachers through her fascinating true stories and wisdom. There's the violent, angry young man who pushes a piece of glass to Judy's neck. There's the girl who had tremendous potential but who gives it up when she gets pregnant. But the most fascinating story is her experience at being held up at school at gun point.

August 22 - Is Public Education Necessary? (side A) -Historian and Pastor Steven Wilkins tells us how the public schools initially began. The founders of public schooling were very anti-Christian apostates. Nobody is neutral. We don't allow humanists to interpret the Bible for us, why do we allow them to teach our children? Public schools were started to take control away from the churches and other Christians who educated the children. Why did Christians give up their God-given responsibility to educate their children and send them off to the government schools?

August 29 - Principal Joe Clark (side B) -Many people are tired of the liberals running our schools. The students had taken over Eastside High, holding teachers hostage. Students brought guns, knives and drugs to class. Chaos reigned. Eastside was a war zone. That is until the tough, former army drill instructor and Christian, Joe Clark, took the job as principal. Joe Clark demonstrated how one man can take the worst of the worst and make it 100% better. Joe Clark's story was so fascinating, a movie--Lean On Me--was made about his amazing story.

Sept. 5 - School To Work (side A) - Ohio School Board Member Diana Fessler, warns parents about the federal program called school-to-work which will predetermine what career your child will have. This will affect homeschoolers and Christian schools because without certification they will be unable to go on to college and will have low-end jobs. Homeschoolers Linda and Tony Ross tell why homeschooling is the best option for them.

Sept. 12 - Abandonment Theology (side B) -Some people say the schools should be religiously neutral. Our nation's Founding Fathers didn't believe this. Listen! 27 out of 56 of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence held seminary degrees. All but two were fervent, committed Christians. They knew that the Bible says, "The nations that forget God will be turned into hell"! There is no neutrality. John Chalfant, author of Abandonment Theology, says those who say, "It's all over for Christian America. The next step is the rapture" are helping the enemy and doing a disservice to the cause of Christ, who would have us be salt and light in our culture. It's time for Christians to awaken and catch the vision and take back America!

Sept. 19 - Saving Schools or Saving Students? (side A) -Should religion be part of public schools or does religion belong only at church and home? Superintendent of Pearl, MS, Schools Bill Dodson says religion should be encouraged at school to reduce violence and improve morals. Also Tom Landess, media spokesman for the South Carolina Attorney General's office, says the Ten Commandments can be displayed at school! But Dr. Robert Simonds, President of Citizens for Excellence in Education (former teacher/principal and pastor) says it's all just image-making! Dr. Simonds thinks it's better to remove Christian kids from public school.

Sept. 26 - Crisis in the Classroom (side B) -To encourage Christians to write, we held our summer writer's contest. The winner is Rochelle Walls of Palm Springs! Second place is Gary Hedin who tells poignant stories of his father and their experiences in the backwoods of Minnesota. Phyllis Schlafly, Founder/President of Eagle Forum and producer of the video "Crisis in the Classroom," tells the importance of the November elections. "All that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." If we don't do anything, we are responsible for the evil.

Oct. 3 - Y2K When the Chips Are Down (side A) - Our most requested program ever! We've sent out literally hundreds of this program! Imagine no electricity, no water, no phone, no heat on a cold January night. All because of a computer mistake! (Y2K=Year 2000). Will it be simply a "brown out?" or a "melt down?" Michael Hyatt, author of The Millennium Bug--How to Survive the Coming Chaos, is the nation's leading Y2K consumer advocate who explains in non-technical language why it's highly unlikely the Y2K problem will get fixed in time and why YOU need to make preparations. Warnings are coming from high level government and business leaders. The Federal Reserve is putting an additional $50 billion cash into circulation because they are anticipating a run on the banks. It's serious but the Lord is our safety.

Oct. 10 - Y2K When the Chips Are Down, Part 2 (side B) - Guests include Michael Hyatt; Paul Philpot, computer expert; Wallace Reynolds, Salt River (electric) Project.

Oct. 17 - The Spread of Sex Ed (side A) - Sex ed isn't just taught in health class, but now will be in language arts, consumer science (home ec), science, PE, social studies . . . Sherry Vanderploeg is a mother and public school teacher whose research on sex ed (for Concerned Women for America) so shook her up she pulled her kids out of public school, and wants to warn other parents. Christian parent Tom McKinney pulled his kids out of public school also and tells parents why this should concern parents! Sex ed without values is a recipe for immorality.

Oct. 24 - Politics, Preachers & Pupils (side B) - Everything in education is controlled through politics--from the curriculum, set by the elected board, to the state and federal programs--politics controls public education. Pastor Tom Hatley of Immanuel Baptist Church in Rogers, Arkansas, held up his Bible and said, "If you are not PRO-LIFE you need to question your Christianity." Many families left his church because of his strong stand for LIFE, but one person, a physician, decided to run for the U.S. Senate because of the pro-life message. The church has regained the number of members it lost but now plays a vital role in the community and state.

Oct. 31 - The Gift of Government (side A) - Election day program. This election will determine what kind of country we want, and the Impeachment of the President. Some say the Clinton issue isjust about sex (Just like Watergate was about picking a lock and just like the Boston Tea Party was just about tea). With the scandal over Bill Clinton, who could have ever guessed Newt would be GONE and Clinton would remain in office? Some suggest Gore will run with Hilliary Rodham Clinton in 2000. But how does this sound: Rodham and Gore-morrah . . . in 2000". Christian Statesman of the Year award Sen. Dan Coates of Indiana is a champion for giving parents a choice in education. Senator Coates speakes of the importance of Christians being involved in politics. Other Guest: Garrett Lear, pastor, political activist and radio commentator in New Hampshire.

Nov. 7 - Welcome Home (side B) - The most precious words a soldier stationed away from home longs to hear are WELCOME HOME! The words were not said to many veterans from Viet Nam. This is a Veterans Day special program. One of the most requested guests we've had is Viet Nam Ranger Gary Horton who recites some very inspirational poems, such as Freedom isn't Free. . . . Gary Horton speaks at public high school assemblies all over the nation. Bill Lyon was stationed at Pearl Harbor the day it was bombed and saw the smile on the Japanese pilot's face as he flew overhead dropping bombs.

Nov. 14 - Darwin's Leap of Faith (side A) - Is evolution compatible with the Bible? Many public school textbooks say evolution is a scientific FACT--and no longer just a theory. John Weldon, author of more than 75 books including Darwin's Leap of Faith--Exposing the False Religion of Evolution, cites such sources as Dr. Isaac Manly (Harvard Medical School) who said, "Recent scientific evidence is a shocking rebuttal to the theory of evolution. There is no evidence of any kind for this theory." If the majority of the public (85%) favor teaching BOTH evolution and creation, why do a few of the atheists/humanists dictate that only one theory be taught in public schools?

Nov. 21 - Dear America (side B) - Fourth grade public school teacher Connie Ricks, reads from Dear America, A Journey to the New World, The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, a diary of a 12-year-old girl who was a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620, to give her class (and us) an appreciation for what tremendous sacrifice our forefathers went through in coming to this land.

Tim Hansel, author of You Gotta' Keep Dancin', fell in a mountain climbing expedition and has been experiencing constant, severe, back pain for the past 25 years, tells how much he appreciates life. Many would think Tim would be bitter about life, but he loves and appreciates every precious minute. Encouraging program.

Nov. 28 - Exodus Update (side A) - Just as the Israelites made the great Exodus from Egypt so Christians today are making a great Exodus from government schools. Exodus 2000 is the church taking back their own church children to fulfilling Christ's Great Commission to make disciples and TEACH them. . . (Mt. 28:19). Desert Storm war hero and college chaplain Ray Moore says every church is a school. We have the buildings, the children and the teachers in our own churches.

Dec. 5 - Every Church a School (side B) - The future of the church is in the schools. Christian youth are becoming an endangered species! Think of this--90% of our Christian students are in humanistic schools, and only 3% of the churches have schools. Is it any wonder 70% of the Christians don't return to church two years after graduation? Marty Angel, director of Every Church a School Foundation, says giving tax credits to taxpayers so they can donate money for scholarships is better than vouchers. Tax credits mean taxpayers give money, a scholarship, to help a student go to any school of his choice, including Christian and even home schools, instead of giving their money to taxes. This revolutionary concept will change the future of the church.

Dec. 12 - Mary Did You Know? (side A) - Songwriter and singer Mark Lowry wrote, "Mary did you know when you kiss your little baby, you've kissed the face of God?" "The child that you've delivered will soon deliver you." What was Jesus like at age five? Award winning author Walter Wangerin tells a bedtime story in his new book, Mary's First Christmas. In this story, Mary (5 years after the birth the Jesus) tells the 5-year-old Jesus about the first Christmas and the miraculous events surrounding his birth; and about Mary's husband Joseph.

Dec. 19 - Keeping Christ in Christmas (side B) - Is it OK for a real Christian to have a Christmas tree? How about Christmas cards? Was Jesus even born on Dec. 25th? How can we keep Christ in Christmas? Bestselling author and youth evangelist Steve Russo, author of "Keeping Christ in Christmas" answers many questions about customs in Christmas and ways to keep Christ in Christmas.

Dec. 26 - The Late Great 1998 (side A) - Highlights from the three most popular 1998 programs. (We won't know side B of this tape until next quarter's radio log.)

Jan 2 - Perfect Vision (side B) - How can you find a purpose in your life? Without a purpose, or a vision for life, God's people perish. God's people are not meant to lead mediocre lives, but are challenged to live up to their full potential in Christ. Moses was a success in God's sight and one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. Dr. Robert Winer (neurologist) uses Moses as an example in his book The Ten Commandments for Success--How to Survive the Coming Chaos.

Jan 9 - A Christian Worldview (side A) - Christian students in public schools are failing to develop a Christian worldview! Recent testing shows Christian students attending public schools have been tested for their "worldview" by Daniel Smithwick on the PEERS Test. His results show a DRASTIC change in Christian students thinking, going from "Christian-moderate" ten years ago to now "socialist-humanist!" This is shocking. That's why pastors like Pastor Vic Michels are starting Christian schools. Also parent Linda Rooper.

Jan 16 - God's Love Gives Life (side B) - Pro-life special! The incredible conversion of Eric Harrah, an abortion clinic owner and homosexual, who beat up pro-life demonstrators in front of his clinic until former Penn State football player Steve Stupar showed up and said to Eric, "You prayed for me to be here--here I am." Eric had prayed that God would send someone to show him that what he was doing was wrong. Steve Stupar, through the power of the Word of Knowledge, revealed minute details of Eric's life--showing God's knowledge and offering forgiveness for Eric.

Jan 23 - From Beetles to Eagles (side A) - Motivational speaker (at high school assemblies) Gary Horton tells a dramatic story of how eagles symbolize the character of God, in loyalty, fearlessness and power. Just as opposing winds help an eagle to fly higher, so adversity can benefit us by producing strength and character within us. Dr. Dwane Gish of the Institute for Creation Research describes the bombardier beetle and how it would be impossible for it to have evolved.

Jan 30 - Sodom Had No Bible (side B) - Sally, a parent who doesn't want to give her last name, has a fourth grade son whose teacher is a lesbian and pregnant through artificial insemination. Can children be recruited into homosexuality? Or is it inborn? Guests include: Dr. W.R. Coulson; parent Michael Chisano; Scott Lively, author of 7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child; and Dr. Paul Cameron (Family Research Institute) who has compelling research showing homosexuality isn't innate and therefore can be prevented.

Feb 6 - School Chooses Careers (side A) - The government is determining the careers of our children. "School to Work" requires schools to help determine the type of work children will do. We don't need to wait to see the results of "school to work"--take a look at Russia or China. Peg Luksik, one of the nation's foremost authorities on new trends in education, is a veteran educator and author of Outcome Based Education--the State's Assault on Our Children's Values.

Feb 13 - Fulfillment in Christ (side B) - Never in history have so many Christians (other than today in America) been so impotent to impact a culture. Could it be because they lack a purpose for their part in the Body of Christ? Successful businessman and international speaker, Todd Duncan (author of The Power to Be Your Best) says, "The fulfilled Christian life is letting the Lord be Lord over all of your life." Relationships are vitally important to a fulfilled life.

Feb 20 - Christian Principals (side A) - "A federal judge is (trying) to rewrite the Constitution," says strong Christian principal, Gary Carlyle who has been punished (training sessions) for allowing "religious" activities in his school. A "prayer monitor"--who is a "Baptist preacher"--monitors all school activities for religious expression. Christian principal Dr. Willard Robinson, author of the Beverly Hills Principal describes how he won over the anti-war protesters. Also, how the Jesus Movement started through Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Feb 27 - Research Based Phonics (side B) - We spend billions on education yet nearly half of adult Americans are functionally illiterate. The problem is with the way we teach reading. Phonics works! That's why 27 states are passing laws mandating phonics be taught. It's amazing that it takes a law to force educators to teach what works. Parents can't wait for the phonics laws. They need to make sure their child learns to read. Master teacher and reading specialist Jeannie Eller says, "There's no reason for anyone who can see, hear and talk not to learn to read by the first grade."

Mar 6 - Tuition Tax Credits (side A) - Gallup polls say more than 52% of parents would take their children out of public school and put them into private schools if they had the money. Here's the plan to give them the money. Tuition tax credits have been approved by the courts. Patch Blakely (Association of Classical and Christian Schools) and Marty Angel (Every Church a School Foundation), say tax credits are better than vouchers since they eliminate government control. Steve Yarborough discusses the Arizona Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of the tax credits.

Mar 13 - Christian Law (side B) - Not too long ago it was against the law to operate a Christian school. But one man took that case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won the right for Christian schools to exist. That man was David Gibbs, a pioneer in Christian law and founder of the Christian Law Association. Now his son David Gibbs III is continuing the struggle for religious freedom. God lays the responsibility for the future of America at the feet of the Christians.

Mar 20 - Facing Eternity Facing Eternity--Facing Finals! (side A) - Of all the thought-provoking programs we've made there is none more important for you than how you will face eternity. Former Riverside police officer, Rick Albee, describes the look in a man's eyes that he has shot just before the man enters eternity without Christ--absolute terror. Pastor Paul and Margaret Vaughan, missionaries to Africa, are showing the power of God in overcoming the fear of death through terminal cancer and kidney failure. This powerful program is excellent for witnessing.

Mar 27 - Changing Trends (side B) - Textbooks have been sanitized of any mention of God and the role of Christians in our history. The man who conducted the most exhaustive research of America's textbooks is Dr. Paul Vitz, a professor at New York University who sees the trends on campus. After decades of liberal indoctrination in our schools there is a strong trend back to religion. Liberal ideas have been tried and found they didn't give what they promised.

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