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Resource Materials

Reinventing American Schools: a Practical Guide to Components of Restructuring and Non-Traditional Education
(set of Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Volume 1: covers outcome-based education, multiculturalism, social services on campus, site/school-based management, and length of school day/year issues. $7.00
Volume 2: unconventional classrooms, whole language, cooperative learning, interdisciplinary/integrated/thematic teaching methods, nongraded/ungraded classrooms, peer counseling, tracking, and reality math. $7.00
Volume 3: holistic education, vocational education, assessment testing, and technology in the classroom $7.00
A Guide to the Public Schools for Christian Parents, Teachers and Pastors $8.00
An Analysis of Goals 2000: Redefining American Education $10.00
How to Elect Christians to Public Office $7.00
How to Start a Christian Club on Campus $5.00
The Public School Awareness Kit for Churches and Local Citizen Groups $58.00
How to Help Your School Be A Winner: A Manual for Organizing a Local Chapter $10.00
Choice in Education - Research Report on the Pros and Cons of Choice and Voucher Programs $5.00
Raising Kids God's Way, by Kathi Hudson $14.00

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