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CEE's Family Building Blocks
September/October 1997

Break A Habit

Habits. They can be hard to break! All adults know that. Parents also find that it is as hard to break our children's habits as it is our own. How can you help your family "clean up its act" so-to-speak? Here are a few tips:

Messies: Most kids are famous for leaving clothes lying around their room and the house. One mother found this solution: if she found the clothing of any child where it should not be, then that child would be volunteering to serve the family by doing the laundry (with supervision and a little help from Mom). It only took one day of laundry duty with each child before Mom saw great improvement! They are now more responsible, and more appreciative of all their mother does. Similarly, when toys are left out, parents can collect them at night and only return them when the child "buys" each item back for a quarter.

One day at a time: Many children (and adults) need to break the television habit. To cut back, try handing out "tickets" each day or each week, each one worth 30 minutes of viewing (decide how much is "enough"). Another method is to disconnect the T.V. (you'll only want to endure the hassle of reconnection for something REALLY good); or quit watching it for just one day. Then maybe one more, or two at a time. Work your way off the dependence. The same method can be applied to complaining. Everyone try to state things positively with no complaining for just one day . . . then two . . . then three, letting off steam in constructive activities instead.

Who Influences Your Child

No matter how hard we try, we cannot totally shield our children from the influences of the world. Neighborhood children, television, advertising signs, school curricula and play, books--all can have an ungodly influence upon our precious little ones.

How can you monitor these influences? First, listen--when your child talks to you or a friend, in the car, at home or at play. What names frequently pop up? These are peers that have an influence. What are your child's primary interests (and thus exposure)?

Second, make yourself a strong influence. Spend time talking, instructing and modeling--and have FUN together, so your kids will like family time! Mike Yorkey says, "Eating together is a time to reconnect. It promotes communication, which promotes discussion, which promotes sharing, which promotes love." All of these strengthen your influence. Become the neighborhood hang-out. You'll not only gain more control over your child's influences, you'll influence other children for Christ as well!

We encourage you to check out Worldproofing Your Kids by Lael F. Arrington ($13.00) and the other great resources in the new CEE catalog (call 714-251-9333 for more info.).

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