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CEE's Education Newsline

Taken from the Fall 1998 issue of Education Newsline.

Parents Make the Tough Choices To Protect Their Children

You've Seen it in the News Lately

The hottest "back-to-school" talk in the media today is all about WHERE parents will send their children to school.

All of a sudden, it is no longer assumed that public schools are the natural choice. A mass exodus of the public schools is beginning, as test scores continue to decline, physical danger threatens students' safety, and the moral climate takes its toll on families all across the nation.

Parents have had enough! And they are beginning to exercise their freedom of choice.

The national media has picked up on the trend, as you've probably noticed lately, concerned that the public schools might suffer from a parental retreat. NACE/CEE headquarters has been bombarded with interview requests from print and television news, and numerous radio stations. Following an article in a relatively small education journal, USA Today picked up on the issue, profiling CEE's Rescue 2010 program and our new emphasis on helping parents choose the best future for their children, which begins now in a private, home or public school.

The USA Today article was followed by contacts from CBS, Fox News, Gannett News and radio shows and stations across the country. Even the women of The View talk show had an interesting discussion, with Starr Jones accurately presenting parents' concerns.

So what's all the hoopla about? Why should parents care? The choices parents face have become more and more distinct, and the stakes have increased greatly! Every child's spiritual, mental, psychological and physical safety is at stake. The world views represented by the various schooling forms are diametrically opposed. For Christians, the educational decisions made now have become a choice for their children's future!

Are these choices elitist or bigoted as some in the media assert? No! Parents must make the best, most consistent choices possible for raising our children. We are accountable to God. As more parents (including minorities whom, studies show, are looking for strong academics instead of integration) leave the public schools, diversity will increase everywhere. Christians aren't the only ones fed up with public schools!

Is this just all about promotion of CEE's new program? Absolutely not! In fact, we do absolutely no public relations--no promotion, no press releases, no advertising --we can't afford it! This is an issue recognized by even the secular media as hugely important--important to parents and important to the public schools, who could stand to lose huge financial resources as their numbers diminish.

By God's sovereign providence, we just happened to develop the Rescue 2010 program at a much needed time, and the perfect resource to help parents in this important decision is our new parent workbook, Choosing Your Child's Future!

Hot-off-the-press, this new resource is now available to help YOU make wise, godly decisions regarding the education of your children. Choosing Your Child's Future takes an objective, balanced approach, utilizing well-documented facts to show both the positives and negatives of public, private and home schools. All the various forms of schooling within those primary choices are also covered in this unbelievably thorough and complete reference.

We've made every effort to provide you with all the details you need to know to make an informed, intelligent, scriptural choice for your family. We've even included a thorough diagnostic quiz that you will love--an immense help to clarify your own priorities and desires for each of your children.

Once you've made your decision, you'll appreciate all the detailed steps and tips on how to get started in your schooling choice, follow-up to insure your child's optimal safety, how to make it happen (time and finances) and TONS of resources to provide any further information or assistance you could possibly need.

Our two appendices provide scriptural references on education, and a complete listing of all state laws and requirements regarding homeschooling, with all state homeschooling organizations (courtesy of Home School Legal Defense Association). You'll find this 116-page book to be extremely useful and valuable now and on an on-going basis as you continue to seek the best for each of your children.

The workbook format allows you to customize the information to your own situation as you walk through your own thought process.

The Choosing Your Child's Future parents workbook is but a first step in our plan to assist churches and Christian parents everywhere. Before the end of this year, we will have our Education Decision Day program for churches completely set up--providing a booklet on how to put on this annual event to help parents in their decision, brochures for pastors and parents, and more. Dr. Bob Simonds is also working on a book especially for pastors.

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