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Featured Books

HUGE SALE!!! Up to 60% off!
Be sure to check-out our brand new titles following the sale list.

Escape From Sugarloaf Mine
by Ruth Buehrer $3.00 (reg. $6.00)
Protect your children from Values Clarification and the world's relativism with these three stories--traditional Values Clarification exercises interwoven with Biblical answers. Includes discussion questions.

Dusty's Beary Tales
by Ruthann Winans and Linda Lee $12.00 (reg. $17.00)
A unique, beautifully illustrated book for the whole family, and great gift! Adorable stories about a bear family accompanied by fun activities, recipes, jokes, verses, and more, help you build biblical virtues and character in your child.

Generations--A Great Game for Families!
$22.00 (reg. $29)
Spark up your family's holiday get-togethers with this fun game, personalized to your own family trivia. Guaranteed to bond your family closer together while providing lots of laughing memories!

Willow, by Norm Bomer
$13.00 (reg. $15.00)--NEW!
This delightful tale about a white bunny named Willow and a black Doberman named Beau will teach your child a wonderful lesson about rules and limits, selfishness and freedom--in God's design and in our own families. Beautifully illustrated, this hardcover makes a perfect gift book for Christmas.

Sommer-time Stories
by Carl Sommer $3.00 each/$16.00 set of 6 (reg. $6.00 each)
Your children will love these large, hardcover, beautifully illustrated books and learn important character lessons in the process. Titles:

  • Can You Help Me Find My Smile?
  • No Longer a Dilly Dally
  • No One Will Ever Know
  • The Great Royal Race
  • If Only I Were
  • Tied Up in Knots

Also available individually for same prices: Abe Lincoln, and, George Washington Carver

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Heaven
by Connie Macsas Breedlove $5.00 (reg. $9.00)

15-Minute Family Traditions and Memories
by Emilie Barnes $6.00 (reg. $10.00)

A is for Adam (an alphabet book about creation)
$12.00 (reg. $16.00)

CEE Classic Resources on Sale (see Resources page for detailed descriptions)

  • How to Start a Christian Club on Campus $3.00 (reg. $5.00)
  • An Analysis of Goals 2000 $4.00 (reg. $10.00)
  • Raising Kids God's Way $6.00 (reg. $14.00)
  • Reinventing America's Schools, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 $3.00 each (reg. $7.00)--a great gift for all your school board members, teachers and administrators!

More great gift ideas featured right now!

Santa, Are You For Real?
by Harold Myra, Pres/CEO of Christianity Today $8.00
At last--the PERFECT answer to the Santa question! Through a heartwarming (true) story and whimsical illustrations, your family will learn who the REAL Saint Nicholas was, when he lived, and why he gave gifts. Most importantly, your children will see how the original Saint Nicholas set an example for us today by keeping Christ at the heart of Christmas.

Understanding the One You Love: 101 Questions to Strengthen Your Marriage
This little book opens lines of communication with creative questions on places you'd love to explore, the recipe for a perfect day, your individual comfort zones, memories and more! Also includes insights and ideas on love.

Snowboarding . . . To the Extreme: Rippin'
by Sigmund Bouwer $4.00--GREAT STOCKING FOR PRE-TEENS & TEENS!
A quick-reading fiction book guaranteed to engage your pre-teen or teen and teach him or her a Biblical lesson on money and sin, through the snowboarding ride of their life!

Bible Verse Flashcards

Sing & Play Jamboree Music Video
Your kids will love singing and motioning along with 13 of their favorite praise and worship songs. Featuring Chadder the Chipmunk and friends at a frontier theme partk--great songs and fun!

Fairfield Friends Devotional Adventure: Cave Hill Treasures & Other Stories with Take-Away Value
Take a fresh, totally unique approach to quiet times for your elementary-aged child. The fictional adventures in this book encourage young readers to grow in their knowledge of God and Christian character. Each short story is followed by a "think" and "act" section--great for families!

The Legacy
by Steven Lawson $13.00

Dads, what legacy are you leaving your children? Every man leaves a lasting impact on his children that will affect generations to come. It's not an inheritance that money can buy or time can take away--it's your spiritual legacy that increases in value and lasts for eternity. In a fantastic, practical and relevant way, Steven Lawson will help you discover how to make the most of however much time you have with your children and create a legacy that endures.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
by Debra Bell -- $20.00

All the step-by-step details on homeschooling, from the decision to homeschool, to choosing the curriculum, to organizing and planning it. It also goes into what to teach and how to teach it as well as resources, etc. Easy to read and use!

Sam Blumenfeld's New Alpha-Phonics Kit - If you cannot read -- you CANNOT LEARN! All research proves PHONICS to be the only thorough and best METHOD TO LEARN to read. With the use and help of ALPHA-PHONICS, many children entering the first grade are then able to read at the level of second and third grade texts. We have always offered "Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers" -- NOW the entire reading package Kit is being made available for the FIRST TIME!! The Kit includes:

  1. Introductory Audio Tape
  2. VIDEO -- Introduction To
  3. Alpha-Phonics Workbook
  4. Alpha-Phonics Instruction
  5. Reading: Audio Lesson Tapes (128 lessons, 6 tapes)
  6. Reading Flash Cards
  7. First Readers Books Teaching (11 levels)
  8. Readers Flip Book
  9. Writing Tablet Manual

Samuel L. Blumenfeld is recognized as one of the top world-class leaders of the teaching of READING. He is also a born-again Christian. ALL FOR $199 + $15.95 s/h (Retail price is $239.95 + $15.95 s/h) -- IT'S WORTH THE INVESTMENT --

Go to the order form to place your order for these and other great items!

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