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Dr. Robert L. Simonds

Dr. Robert L. Simonds holds B. Th., M.A., and Th.D degrees. He has served in public schools for 35 years. He first served as a High School Teacher, then as a High School Principal, a Professor of Philosophy, Architecture/Engineering and Mathematics in a California Community College, and as an adjunct Professor in Teacher Education at U.C.L.A.

Bob served on President Reagan's "Forum to Implement the National Commission on Excellence in Education Report: 'A NATION AT RISK.' He is founder and president of the National Association of Christian Educators (NACE) and Citizens for Excellence in Education (CEE), a parents' advocacy group to assure academic excellence and character education to all American children in public schools.

Bob is a father of five children and has five grandchildren. He is the publisher of three journals and newsletters and has authored a number of books on reforming education, strengthening families and electing school board members. He travels and speaks to about eighty CEE banquets or conventions a year. His CEE parents' group has over 350,000 parents involved in fifty states, with 1680 chapters currently active.

His impact on national education policy has been dramatic. The future of America's children is his focus. He fully supports a public school system that is responsive to the concerns and needs of parents.

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