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Citizens for Excellence in Education

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Important strategy news! Click here!Citizens for Excellence in Education (CEE) exists to help parents and public school teachers across the United States. Since 1983, NACE/CEE has worked with Christians and conservatives to restore academic excellence and traditional moral values to the public schools. We also provide tools to help strengthen and nurture Christian families at home.  CEE is now also helping parents rescue their children from public schools to private Christian schools and home schools, and rescue their children within the public schools, with our major new focus: Rescue 2010.

NACE/CEE helps you in many ways:

  • Helping individuals resolve local public school issues - ranging from opt-out policies for sex ed, to outcome-based education and Goals 2000.
  • Helping parents form local "chapters" with other concerned citizens to make positive policy and curricula changes, help elect good conservative school board members, and build consensus with school officials.
  • Networking with education leaders and leading bureaucrats, as well as other Christian organizations, at the national level, to affect laws and build bridges of understanding.
  • Providing resources for churches and individual families, from an evangelical perspective.
  • Publishing well-balanced, objective resources to help both parents and professionals understand issues and research, from a conservative worldview.
  • Parent Participation Plan for public schools.
  • Putting on an Education Decision Day in your church to help parents make wise and informed schooling choices.
  • Helping parents make informed decision between public, Christian and home school and make their desired choice happen.


The NACE/CEE Connection

In 1983, Dr. Robert Simonds organized the National Association of Christian Educators (NACE) to serve Christian teachers in the public schools. As more parents brought their concerns to the organization asking for help, and teachers' impact became further restricted within the schools as their job security was threatened, Citizens for Excellence in Education (CEE) was formed to allow NACE/CEE two avenues to reform teachers within the system, and enable parents to exert pressure from outside the bureaucracy. Since 1983, NACE/CEE has operated together as one unified organization of parents and teachers, sharing information and strategies to achieve positive results for the children. Some local chapters meet together with parents and teachers while others meet separately to address their unique concerns.

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